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School Programs

Mary Groce has presented concerts and programs for many school students--from nursery school toddlers to college seniors, and from the farmlands of Kansas and New York to Boston University and the University of Pennsylvania. Mary shares the story of the harp and her songs, sings in several languages, and, when circumstances allow, she offers hands-on experience with a question-and-answer session at the end.

Mary has presented school programs throughout the USA, through her own auspices, as well as through the efforts of such agents as Young Audiences of Eastern Pennsylvania, Britton Management, Columbia Artists Management, and Apple Farms.

“The audience seemed enchanted by Tooke’s performance… Obviously, for her, a performance is a very emotional experience. Without question, the Chowan community was moved, as well.”

John Ellis
“The Chowan Forum”
Chowan College, Murfreesboro, North Carolina


Old Favorites

Mary finds that the oldest and most frail love her concert harp.

"It's very peaceful. One man hired me regularly to play for his mother with Alzheimer's disease. The music would be the one thing that would get through to her."

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